Government of Madhya Pradesh proposes to introduce computer education in high schools and higher secondary schools in the state with effect from Academic  Year 2000-2001.The scope of this rate contract is to :-

  1. Teach I.T courses in High Schools (classes IX and X ) and Higher Secondary Schools (Class XI And XII) of Department of School Education and Department of Tribal Welfare, Govt. of M.P. as per the enclosed syllabus at Annexes C1& C2, with effect from the academic year 2000-2001.
  2. The syllabus at C1 is to be covered in one year. A student can register for the course while he (she0 is in class IX or X. Similarly, syllabus at C2 is to be covered in one year and the student can register for it while he (she) is in class XI or XII.

    The tender shall have to provide training for a min. of 200 hours for each batch of students .He should also maintain a ratio of 1:2 for Theory and practical.

  3. The qualified tendered has to provide one teacher for each batch of 20 students and the qualifications of the teacher should be as per Annexure "B".
  4. The tendered should give quotes for the fee to be charged per student. (The courses are optional to the students).
  5. Provide and maintain in working condition Computer Hardware, Software and necessary infrastructure like UPS , O.H.P./projection system and Furniture as prescribed in the Tender document during the contract period.
  6. preparation of multiple copies of multiple copies of instructional material ,instruction notes.(for distribution among students ).
  7. Maintain and update a Library of I. t> Books with adequate Text and Reference books covering all the contents of syllabus along with minimum three monthly /fortnightly subscriptions of I.T. magazines.
  8. Impart free training to at lease 5 teachers nominated by the Head of the concerned institution, covering the entire syllabus specified at Annexures-C1 & C2.
  9. Equip each institution with the following minimum equipment as per specification prescribed at Annexure "D" in this tender document.
  10. (i) Computer 5

    (ii) Licensed Software as per syllabus

    (iii) Educational Multimedia CDs 20

    (iv) Modem 1

    (v) Dot Matrix Printer 1

    (vi) O. H. P./Projection 1

    (vii) 1 KVA UPS with 30 min. backup

    (viii) Furniture

  11. Average batch size is 20 for theory sessions and for practical sessions the average batch size will be students.

Related condition:

  • Accommodation to install the equipment will be providing by the institution free of cost.
  • The size of the accommodation shall be approximately 400-sq. ft. or as per the availability and the student strength.
  • The concerned institute shall not be held responsible for any loss of property. Watch and ward should be the responsibility of qualified tendered.
  • During the working hours the party is not permitted to undertake any commercial jobs except attending to the training aspects of the Institution or undertaking any computerization jobs of the concerned institution.


Graduate Engineer in Computer Science /Engineering/Applications/Information Technology


Master in Computer Applications (MCA)


Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) preferably with 1 year experience


Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications with preferably 1year experience


Three Year Diploma in Computer Science /Eng./Information Technology with preferably 2 year experience


'B' Level DOE accredited Course


'A' level DOE accredited course with preferably 1-year exp.


'O' Level DOE accredited course with preferably 2 year exp.


B.Sc. Computer Science with preferably 1 year exp.